Increased Recovery with Sports Massage

Training is as much about the work out as it is about the recovery. Receive the pampering you deserve when you undergo massage therapy from J Train Wellness. Our licensed and insured specialists offer a number of styles including sports massage and deep tissue massage.


The Healing Effects of Massage Therapy

Whether you are getting back in shape after a layoff or focusing on improving your physique for the biggest competition of your life, massage therapy is an effective way to speed up the healing process. A session once or twice a week is a great addition to your regular routine.
After a hard cycle in the gym, your muscles crave extra recovery time. Studies have shown that even a short massage session can lead to decreased soreness and a wide range of motion for most parts of your body. We are proud to offer this service as part of your personalized plan.


Your Effective Deep Tissue Massage

Breathe deep and release muscle tension when you join our specialist for a deep tissue massage. Similar to the technique practiced in Swedish massage, deep tissue therapy focuses on the deepest layers of the muscle tissue and tendons.
During your session, your therapist will use slow, controlled motions to relieve pressure throughout your body. This method is particularly effective in treating and preventing muscle injuries caused by over-training or poor form.


Scheduling Your Session

Allowing your body to rest and recover can be even more important than training hard in the gym. Our licensed and insured masseuse offers a wide range of services and techniques for each of our clients. We offer sessions in increments of one hour up to two hours and 15 minutes. Call us today to schedule your next session and get started on the path to healing.


Contact us today to get started on your path to recovery with massage.