Private Training

Effective Personal Training Plans

At J Train, we are your source for personalized training plans and exclusivity. With services available for New York’s elite, you can focus on improving your physique without the prying eyes of the press.


A Custom Program from our Private Fitness Trainer

Everybody has different goals – whether it’s to slim down for your next role or increasing strength for the next big game – we can help get you there. Unlike other fitness centers which follow just one training program for all of its members, we are dedicated to providing each of our clients with an individual plan. During your initial consultation and assessment, our team of licensed and certified trainers will work with you to determine the best exercises, fitness nutrition and recovery tools for your success. Leave the planning to us.


Personal Fitness Training: Stronger, Better & Faster

Step outside of your comfort zone and watch yourself be transformed with a training plan from our certified experts. Backed by more than 25 years of experience in the fitness industry, our wellness team understands how to achieve and physical goal you may have. We keep your workouts fun and effective while ensuring you’ll receive the results you want.


On the Path to Fitness

Sometimes even the most health-conscious people may not know the right exercises to do in order to actively change their bodies. When your goal is to drop excess pounds before a premiere, get in shape for your next fight, or beef up for an upcoming movie, we show you the best techniques to achieve your goals in a healthy way. With us on your side every step of the way you’ll build the best body of your life.


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