Meet the Team

Angelina Stokes

Exercise Specialist

Angelina’s fitness journey started when she became black belt certified prior to her senior year of high school. This gave her experience with all fitness levels, from experienced to inexperienced clients. While studying and teaching Kyokushin at Team Valiant Karate, she developed discipline and self control which she utilized not only in the Dojo, but as a part of her every day lifestyle. This inspired her to become certified as a Fitness Instructor and teach over 1,000 classes a month through the Planet Fitness physical education program.

Through her experiences, Angelina developed skills in group or private sessions that allow her to create programs for clients based on proper assessment to build the ulitimate body transforming program weather it be to build strength or helping the body to recover and stay mobile. Her focus is to motivate clients to be physically and mentally fit with focus and control through her creative mix of strength training and martial arts techniques.