Meet the Team

Jeff Bell

Education Director and Master Trainer

Jeff is one of America’s top Health and Fitness coaches. He has been a personal trainer for over 30 years, has mentored hundreds of personal trainers in their careers throughout the United States, and has coached numerous World class athletes in advanced training methods. He consulted with top training studios and nationally recognized gym brands on developing their training systems, and has been instrumental in building their personal training teams. Jeff has designed home gyms, as well as structured corporate fitness programs. Some of his personal clients have been with him for over twenty years and include celebrities, major corporate CEO’S , CFO’S, designers, and real estate tycoons.

Jeff has over 10 advanced certifications in fitness, corrective exercise, yoga, special populations, Kettlebells, and personal training, as well as a master’s degree in Education and Human Services, and is continually exploring new training methods in fitness and nutrition. He has written for several publications, including shape and Men’s health, is a recognized motivator and speaker, inventor and is currently in the process of authoring a book on his nearly 6 decades of fitness, nutrition and exercise.

Jeff brings more than a few lifetimes of training, movement, wellness, nutrition, and fitness to the JTRAIN team and will be a valuable asset to increasing the impact this exciting company will have on the New York personal training landscape.