Charlotte Gainsbourg

…I became totally addicted to his style of practicing…

I met Joe over a year ago when I first moved from Paris to New York City. Up until then, training wasn’t really a part of my life. Nothing could keep my attention for more than a few months. But when I got here and started working out with Joe 2-3 times a week everything changed. I became totally addicted to his style of practicing! I love that he addresses everything about you – from your physical health to your mental health. Also, the workouts are always new and challenging so I don’t get bored. You go from keeping balance while lifting weights to working upside down to kickboxing and more. The fact that he added a masseuse, acupuncturist and yoga instructor to the mix totally makes sense. I’ve learned not to take myself (body wise) so seriously, which is important because I tend to be totally compulsive. Now that I have this new outlook with dealing with myself I won’t let it go. Above all, it it’s not just about working out with Joe, it’s about going to see him. It’s the great talks and the listening, and being with a great person. Joe has been a major part of my New York experience since the beginning and he has made this journey very special. It’s evident how much I believe in Joe because I trust him with my whole family – my daughter, son, mother, husband – I put them all in his hands. If I could even bring my four-year-old I would!