The Healing Effects of Acupuncture

Recover from your workout and alleviate pain from injury with the acupuncture services offered in house at our location in the heart of NYC. Acupuncture is a time honored therapy with countless health benefits. Traditional Chinese Medicine aims to rebalance the qi (“chee”), or human energy, by restoring proper energy flow throughout the body. In addition to Acupuncture, we also offer Cupping, another traditional Chinese medicinal practice used to boost immunity and increase circulation.

No More Pain

There is more to a healthy body than just maintaining your workouts and fitness nutrition. As part of your overall wellness plan, our team is happy to include acupuncture services. This practice involves inserting hair-thin needles into your body at precise locations in the body. By targeting these specific stress points, we increase blood flow to the affected area and stimulate the central nervous system. Your body’s innate healing powers are then activated, allowing for relief from pain and stress, as well as other issues.

Acupuncture is designed to treat a variety of illnesses, injuries, and other disorders including, but not limited to: Digestive Issues • Acute/Chronic Pain • Fatigue & Stress • Weight Loss • Hormonal Imbalances • Depression • Anxiety • Insomnia • Arthritis • Headaches • Asthma • Common Cold & Other Respiratory Issues •

Life Without Stress

Take a deep breath and envision your life with balance. Many of our clients have had to deal with extreme levels of stress due to the demands of their careers and families. Our acupuncture services are an excellent way to reduce stress, fatigue, and other mood concerns. During your treatment you’ll be able to relax and rest while eliminating tension and restoring balance to your life again.

The Relief You Need

Training hard takes a toll on your body, no matter what shape you were in before your workout. For many, the combination of stress, training, and lack of proper rest can lead to injury. When your career depends on you being in shape, an injury is the last thing you can afford to endure.

Fortunately, there is a way to speed up the healing process and get you back on track faster. Acupuncture not only treats muscle and joint pain, but by reducing inflammation locally, it allows your body to address the root of the injury. Even with just one treatment you’ll experience the powerful effects throughout your entire body.

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